Principles of Jainism written and taught in easiest and most interesting manner by:

Dr. Ujwala Shah (M.B.B.S., DCH.,DGP.) and Pt. Dineshbhai Shah (M.A. LLB.)

Mr. Dineshchandra & Dr. Ujwala husband and wife were introduced to the great treasure of Jain philosophy when they were on Dharma Chakra Yatra for 100 days arranged by Pt. Babubhai Mehta in 1975. Many scholars who are the disciples of Pujya Shri Kanjiswami taught Jain philosophy during this yatra & thereafter. Both attended Shri Kanjiswami’s lectures on many occasions and seminars. Their ego of being well educated was really shattered and they realized that their education and well settled profession & material life was worthless compared to the philosophy of Jainism.

To undertake deeper study of Jain philosophy both of them took total retirement from their medical practice & business since Aug 1992 and started doing swadhyay for nearly 8-10 hrs daily.

They have read nearly all shastras written by Acharyas and total printed literature of Shri Kanjiswami’s lectures many times and also both of them have given lectures on these topics.

They also have conducted many seminars (shibir) on different subjects of Dravyanuyog & mainly Karananuyog. During these shibirs one of them takes 6 hrs lectures per day for 5 to 6 days on one particular subject. They have conducted many pravachan tours throughout India as well as USA, Canada, Dubai, London etc. Since 2004 they have visited USA every year. They also conduct swadhyay at their residence too for three and half hrs daily since 1992.

They have given lectures and recorded them on many Adhyatma Granthas and Siddhant Granthas. A unique contribution by them is that Karananuyog was learnt by themselves and was taught in most easy & simple manner.

Jain Literature

During their lectures they read original scriptures by Acharyas in Sanskrit & Prakrit and then pravachan given by Shri Kanjiswami in Gujarati and then explain it word by word in Hindi e.g. Samaysar along with Pravachan Ratnakar, Niyamsar with Pravachan Ratna Chintamani etc. They have given lectures on Samaysar, Pravachansar, Niyamsar, Panchastikay,Yogsar, Ashtapahud, Parmatmaprakash, Kartikeyanupeksha, Mokshmarg Prakashak, Panchadhyai, Tattvarthasutra, Atmasiddhi, Natak Samaysar, Dravyasangrah, Anubhav Prakash, Ishtopadesh, Ratnakarand Shravakachar, Purusharth Siddhiupay, Gunasthan, Chhahdhala, Jeevkand, Karmakand, Labdhisar, Bhavdipika, Anagar Dharmamrut, Sagar Dharmamrut, Dhavala-16 books, Jaidhavala-16 books, Mahabandh-7 books and many more subjects.

Dr. Ujwalaben has written many books which were edited by pt. Dineshbhai and were published by these two in the name ‘Veetragvani Prakashak’. Dr. Ujwalaben also translated books written by pt. Todarmalji namely Samyak Gyan Chandrika - Jeevkand (1100 pages), karmakand (1050 pages), Labdhisar - Kshapanasar (800 pages) all in Hindi. She also has written following books:

  • Jain Tattva Parichay – in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, English
  • Karan Karya Rahasya - in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, English
  • Karananuyog Parichay - in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati
  • Panchlabdhi - in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati
  • Jain Bhoogol - in Hindi

All are available in much reduced price.

Pt. Dineshbhai has translated few dozens of books in Marathi like Bhaktamar Pravachan by Shri Kanji swami, Swanubhav, Parmatma kase Banal !, and most of the books and literature written by Dr. Hukamchand Bharilla & Pt. Ratanchand Bharilla, Gunasthan written by Yashpal jain.

All their lectures have been recorded in MP3 CD form and their Shibir were recorded in visual DVD form.

Dr. Ujwalaben also has taught in her daily swadhyay nearly all Siddhant Granthas namely:

  • Jeevkand
  • Karmakand
  • Labdhisar-Kshapanasar
  • Dhavala – 16 books
  • Jaidhavala – 16 books
  • Mahabandh (Mahadhavala) - 7 books.

She has taught word-by-word in detail.

Her recent historical most precious venture is she with her Swadhyayees have tried to write the lost original matter in
Mahabandh- 1st, 3rd, 6th and 7th books. More than 200 fullscape pages matter has been written and while writing, it has been discussed with reasoning and proof of available matter was also considered and all this has been recorded in CD form.

The list of books published by them and CDs & DVDs
available on different subjects is displayed on "Publication List" section on this website.